How to make him treat you like a queen? Read on !!

At the beginning of a relationship everything is perfect: the guy treats you like a princess, goes for your needs before his and doesn’t hesitate to pamper you with gifts, chocolates and doing whatever you want, but what happens when this attitude changes?

If you’ve been together for over a year, he probably doesn’t treat you like he used to. What can you do to get that Prince Charming back? Here we tell you! .

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1.Have more conversation with him.

Talk to him. If you don’t think he’s giving you the appreciation you deserve, you better tell him, because maybe that’s the motivation he needs to start looking like a princess.
Treat him the way you want to be treated.

Take him to a game, to the movies or prepare his favorite dish once in a while. If he sees that you’re doing your best to treat him like a prince, he’ll want to do the same for you.

2.Give yourself some respect.

If he makes fun of you once in a while, don’t tolerate it! Never let him laugh at you or vice versa. Act like a mature person, without tantrums or drama to show him what a true princess you are. Then he’ll have no choice but to treat you well.

3.Feel like a queen.

If he sees you indulge yourself and give you your luxuries, he obviously can’t do anything less than that. Show him how much you deserve and he’ll give it to you.Get dressed and get ready!

Remember that you are seen by the way you dress, and if you wear super cute clothes, he will treat you the same way.

Choose the boy who can treat you well or, if he doesn’t know how, be willing to learn. It’s very disappointing to be with a man waiting for him to change when he probably never will.


We don’t mean to look at your boy as a pet, but try to give him the same attention he gave you and give him something in return.

If he did his best all day to make you feel amazing, maybe you can reward him with a night of passion.

Check out how he treats his mom or his sisters. Don’t forget that the guy who treats a woman like a princess is because he was raised by a queen. This is not a rule but a great clue to the way he sees women.


It’s very easy and convenient to complain, and say you want a prince in your life. But you should know that princes only marry one kind of woman.

Which one? Princesses. It’s time to ask yourself and be honest. Are you one and do you act like a princess? “.

All you have to do is be consistent with yourself and commit to giving the same as you want to receive

There , these should help you !! Good luck. Have any suggestion/questions? Let us know in comments !!