10 signs he is not interested in you

Forgiveness is good, but to let oneself be stepped on: oh no!Love can make you blind. But there are still some problems and flaws that it’s better to detect quickly if you don’t want to leave feathers in it…

So if you are wondering or doubting why ” my boyfriend shows no interest in me ” , here are 10 sure shot signs based out of real life experiences that if he is really not interested in continuing on with relationship.

1. Everything only goes one way.

You listen to it. You advise it. You help him. You propose outings. You give him time. You give him attention. Gifts. You care about him. You get next to nothing in return. You’re not a patsy. You deserve someone who loves you and makes you happy. You’ll find somewhere else.

2.He’s not interested in small things about you.

Your childhood? He never asked you about it. Your passions? You bet he doesn’t know them (and especially that he doesn’t care) … You’ve had a hard time and he doesn’t hear from you? Ouch… But sometimes, faced with these shortcomings that hurt you, you say to yourself : “No, but he’s shy”, “no, but he wants to take his time”, “no, but he plays mysterious”,… No, he’s simply not interested (or just in himself)! So we’re not going to waste time and energy. Bye, bye! Next one.

3.He wants to change me.

The horror! With our faults and our qualities, we’re unique, we’re great! Whoever has the ugly goujaterie and stupidity to want to change that doesn’t deserve two seconds of our attention. There you go.

4.He’s hiding me.

When we’ve been with Jules for 9 months and we’ve never seen his family, a colleague or a friend of his (and he obviously doesn’t care to meet ours), we say to ourselves: “Let’s run away!” To love the other is to love your life and to know the important people in it.

5.He flirts with other girls…in front of me.

Either Monsieur is a cad, or Monsieur plays with you. Either way, Mister takes the door. If you’re not in an openly polygamous relationship, that’s what we call a great lack of respect.

6. He doesn’t keep his promises.

He doesn’t keep his promises / lies / is violent (verbally and physically). The basis of love? Trust and respect. Never to be tolerated under any circumstances.

7.He is stingy with me.

So he is not generous with you. A big ugly flaw that can be found at several levels of the relationship (he only thinks about his pleasure, gives little love,…).

8. He changes his mood like socks

One day it’s crazy love. The next day it’s ignorance. Passionate relationship or sign of a very unstable character? Maybe both… Either way, if we want to keep our spirits up and our nerves in check, we’re fine.

9.He doesn’t care about me until after 10 pm.

Okay, maybe he’s got a busy schedule. But he’s not going to pretend he doesn’t have a Saturday afternoon to spend with us! So if we want to have a booty call and make it clear to everyone, okay. But if we want more, we keep the door closed (with him outside)!.We recommend His secret obsession if you want to get him back!!. Read this review here

10.He makes me cry more than he laughs.

THE reason to leave. Right now. Right now.

There , these should help you figuring it out !! Good luck. Have any suggestion/questions? Let us know in comments !!